The human spine is a balanced system that provides structural support to your body. The spine, which is gently bent into an S shape, balances the neck, chest, lower back, and pelvis to maintain proper head, trunk, and leg alignment.

It offers a protective covering for several internal organs as well as the spinal cord, which serves as the major nerve supply. It gives us the framework we need to keep our posture erect. Moreover, it flexes to allow for flexibility; the spine is involved in every movement we make.

However, with age, your spine gets weakens. Kalpit Hospital, the best multispecialty hospital in Khalilabad, recommends a few tips to keep your spine in good shape and health to maintain a good quality of life, energy and enthusiasm. Following are a few tips to ensure that your spine remains in good condition as you age.


Maintain the right posture

Maintaining a firm, upright posture is one of the best methods to keep your spine healthy, even as you age. The unhealthy lifestyle, which we have adopted, such as using a computer, sitting more loosely, and being sedentary can cause the spine to become misaligned. While you walk, make an effort to maintain a neutral back. When you sit, don’t slouch and try to keep your computer chair in an ergonomic position. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or moving, try keeping your back in place, tucked in your pelvis.

Put on supportive, comfortable shoes

Now, it is time to spend a little more on high-quality supportive footwear as it will help to make your spine remain comfortable. High heels or unsupportive footwear can tip your body off balance, which forces your spine to stabilize the body. It may eventually lead to disc issues, hunched shoulders, and muscular aches and pains. You must use shoes with extra arch support or orthotic shoes that gives comfort and proper support to your foot and physical condition.

Consume a Balanced Diet

Your spine, running from your head to your tailbone, is like any other bone, or vertebra. For maintaining healthy bones, a diet high in vitamin D, calcium, and potassium is necessary. Also, take anti-inflammatory diets that help control flare-ups or help avoid certain chronic illnesses like arthritis. You can also start consuming supplements, such as vitamins and minerals to make for any kind of deficiency you might be suffering from.

Exercises to Strengthen Your Body

Your spine is backed up by the extensor muscles attached to your lower back which keeps you strong, flexible, and upright. Learn and perform exercises that improve strength and concentrate on the abdominal core. These exercises will support the spine and the overworked muscles. On the other hand, your lower back is supported by a girdle made of your core muscles that are placed deep within your belly and pelvic region. Together with physical therapy exercises, there are many different types of exercise that emphasize developing core strength, including Pilates and yoga. Seeking advice from a physical therapist who can demonstrate the right methods for exercising both with and without weights to increase your strength, will benefit you.

Be flexible

Flexibility is of prime importance but maintaining it as you age is challenging. Flexibility helps in avoiding or treating any physical issues related to your vertebrae or discs. Perform yoga to generate strength, as it has the ability to lengthen muscles and increase and maintain flexibility. But, a simple activity like walking also maintains the flexibility of the spine through the gentle movement of the back muscles as you walk with perfect form. See your doctor about the best workout program for you at your age and stage of life.

Control Stress

There are actual mind-body connections, and we now know more about these connections than ever before. Similarly, stress and back problems or spine problems are also related. So, try to remain relaxed as it will make you feel better. Discover a mindset that supports you to keep your stress levels under control.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

As you age, you must visit your doctors regularly, including orthopedics. Choose a knowledgeable and seasoned specialist in the field, such as the one at Kalpit Hospital in Gorakhpur. The doctor will timely examine your bones to check if they require medical or surgical intervention.



Thus, follow the above tips to stay active and happy even at your mature age.

At Kalpit Hospital, the best multispecialty hospital in Gorakhpur, we’re committed to helping you stay active and pain-free. Thus, trust in our skilled and committed orthopaedic specialists to help you find a solution if you or a loved one is experiencing back pain, stiffness, or any other musculoskeletal issue.


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