Despite the fact that oral health is of the utmost importance and connected to our overall health, we fear visiting dentists. What frightens us most (especially kids) is enduring the lengthy seated sessions with dentists looking and poking inside our mouth using edgy and frightening devices, drilling the decayed portion and filling it with amalgam. And this does not end in one session, but there are frequently such sessions. The thought of all these gives a shiver down the spine.

However, recently, a few disruptive innovations are revolutionizing dentistry and our attitude towards oral health. Kalpit Hospital, the best multispecialty hospital in Khalilabad, with top-notch facilities, helps you stay aware of recent developments in medical and dental health care. Here, let’s see how these technologies are revolutionizing dental care.

  1. Virtual reality

You must be familiar with virtual reality, which is now prevalent in most fields. In dentistry, virtual reality is helping both – aspiring dental surgeons and patients. Virtual reality takes people to a virtual environment. This is used in the dentistry office for the patients as an effective distraction tool. At the dentist’s chair patients are given goggles to wear, which display calming natural scenes and take treatments in a positive way. It helps in reducing dental anxiety.

For students and aspiring dental surgeons, virtual reality cameras help them stream operations globally and allow them to be there in the operation room using their VR

  1. Tele dentistry

For children or elderly patients who are reluctant to go to the dentist or for those living in remote areas where there is little or no accessibility to dentists, tele dentistry plays a significant role.

Tele dentistry provides easier accessibility to oral and dental care and allows patients to consult with the best medical professionals. Tele dentistry services allow patients to capture images, send relevant information to a dentist remotely and do live consultations through video chat. If there is some need, the dentist may ask the patient to visit the dentist’s office.

  1. 3D printing

Another disruptive innovation is the introduction of 3d printing in dentistry. With computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and 3d printing, we have now low-cost and more effective dental labs.

CAD and CAM technology help take an instant picture of the drilled tooth then this image is provided to a machine that makes the crown right away. 3D printers also produce orthodontic models, surgical guides, aligners, retainers, and more dental tools faster and precisely.

Thus, it helps the better workflow, reduces error and the amount of labor required, needs less time and makes the whole process cost-effective.

  1. Smart toothbrush

A smart toothbrush is a smart device that makes it easier to maintain oral hygiene and prevent plaque or cavities. Tooth brushing can now be fun for kids, and they would keep up the good habit of regularly cleaning their teeth. These toothbrushes with sensors provide real-time feedback through a companion app that warns you if you are applying too much pressure, guides you where you are brushing, and trains the user to brush. However, you must adopt a smart toothbrush from a company that gives you more control over your data and does not allow you to share it with third parties.

  1. Regenerative dentistry

Regenerative dentistry is a promising approach. This regenerative dentistry involves cell-stimulating medication that can lead to self-healing teeth and biological therapy for damaged teeth. Research has developed dental fillings that stimulate stem cells to promote the growth of dentin or the main constitute of our teeth. It helps in the regrowth of damaged teeth and also eliminates the need for root canals.

Other discoveries have led to mapping the differentiation pathways of the cells that make human teeth. The researchers at Karolinska Institute have discovered new cell types and cell layers in teeth that can impact tooth sensitivity.

These innovations in dentistry will help to eliminate the need to have false teeth to replace your own teeth when it falls or get damaged.

The bright future of dentistry

These disruptive innovations in dentistry will be soon common for everyone. These will benefit patients in improving their oral health and professionals to upgrade their practice. Kalpit Hospital, the best multispecialty hospital in Khalilabad, Uttar Pradesh follows the latest innovations and keeps pace with the growing possibilities in healthcare.

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